Pleated Screen System

Overview of Pleated Screen System

Moscreen® India introduced Pleated screens, the screen collapses when not in use,


Pleated Insect Screen General features
  • Never slam shuts and easy to open
  • Available for big openings up to 12 feet width x 8 ft height.
  • Proper ventilation, comfortable vision, allows fresh air,Practical, everyday use.
  • Very good wind resistance due to the 45° design.
  • Good color fastness cannot fade under sunshine for long time.
  • Mechanism without springs
  • Perfect for large openings, Large Balcony's and Utility Places.
  • Long-life with pushing for 10000 times at least after assembled on window screen


  • Polyester screens with 15mm & 19mm folds (available in grey & black colors).
  • Polyester high tenacity chord of 1mm diameter
  • Aluminium alloy extruded profiles (powder coated & anodized)
  • PVC magnet for locking

Micro 15 :
  • Suitable for windows of 1.5M Height X 4M width.
  • Overall track width is 25mm
  • Center or side closing possible


Medio 19 :

  • Suitable for doors of upto 2.6M height X 4M width.
  • Overall track width is 30mm
  • Center or side closing possible
  • Magnetic locking

Medio 19 trackless:

  • Suitable for doors of up to 2.6M height X 1.5M width panels, multiple panels can be used for covering wider widths.
  • Overall track width is 40mm bottom track is just 5mm high!
  • No obstruction on ground (wheel chair accessible)
  • Center or side closing possible
  • Magnetic locking